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Sunday, August 27, 2006

I Fell Off a Ladder Today

This afternoon I feel off a ladder. I had propped up an estension ladder against the limb of a tree so that I could saw another limb off that was hanging over our driveway. My ladder was just barely long enough to reach the branch it was resting on and it seemed pretty sturdy. The sawing went great and the only thing still holding the limb on was a little bit of bark which I then commenced sawing through to finish the job. Well, the limb that I was getting rid of was attached to the same much larger limb that my ladder branch was also attached to. The upshot (or downshot) was that when the sawed-off limb finally gave way, the big limb was lightened considerably which made it rise (bringing with it the branch my ladder was resting on). All of a sudden the ladder and I were falling to the driveway together. My only thought on the way down was, "Wow, I'll bet this is going to hurt." I was right. It could have been much worse. I landed feet first on now grounded horizonal ladder with my butt following pretty hard on another rung. My back and pelvis hurt pretty bad so I'm taking some Alieve at the suggestion of my daughter the nurse, hoping that I didn't injur something long term. It occurs to me how much easier this episode would have been if I had been, say 19 instead of 59. Other than that and this obvious plea for sympathy, this post has no point.